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Ahhh...knowing a bit about the family history really complicates things. Ugh. I think that you have a real case here. Your DH is being so stubborn about names, and that's not really fair. Requiring a middle name to honor a mom is fine, but he has to give and take here. It sounds like Deborah is going to be a bit of a challenge for you since your MIL isn't really close. Well, if your DH simply refuses to change it, then he needs to bend a little on the first name. Either he accepts the double first name, or lets you pick a new first name altogether. Obviously if he truly hates your pick, that's one thing, but he's got to loosen up a bit.

In a perfect world, both mom and dad LOVE a name, but that doesn't always happen. The next best thing is that both are at least okay with the name (or maybe in love with only part). It's entirely not fair for one person to get the whole shebang! I don't know your DH, and I'm sure he's a great guy but it sounds like he's being a real pain in the neck about this!
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