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Re: Daycare positives

DD is at a daycare center.
The flexibility is fabulous (for an arm and a leg, it better be) which is good b/c DH's schedule is kinda weird.
The teachers are awesome. DD has nothing but smiles for them and they clearly relate to her on a personal level (they notice very individual things that make it clear they are paying close, loving attention).
They got her sleeping in a crib waaaay before we did, and now she naps on a mat. On the floor. Without getting up. I have no idea HOW they are doing this?! They are magical.
She is very "socialized" although I hate that term - she loves her little friends, she knows all the babys' names even though they are in a different room, and she goes around hugging everyone before she leaves. Seeing her interact with her friends is so. freaking. adorable.
She has an immune system like a tank. In two years of daycare she had one ear infection and one case of croup. She is tough!
I think that she is (a tiny bit) less attached-at-the-hip bc of daycare. She is used to spending a portion of her day without me or DH... so leaving her occasionally in the care of nana, auntie, cousin, etc - no biggie. She might protest a bit, but she knows we're coming back.
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