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Re: Looking for a little support... or encouragement

Is your husband able to get her back to sleep at night so you can night wean her? We night weaned both of mine around 12 months, my husband would get up with them and soothe them back to sleep. I had to go in a different room because they just KNEW if I was anywhere near them and would scream, lol, but it was fairly cry-free for us with both kids once I caught on to that fact. It took about 10 days for DS to stop waking up at all, and only 5 or 6 for DD. They also both upped their nursing during the day after night weaning, and DH offered them a sippy at night in case they were thirsty. DS tended to drink a bit, DD just threw the sippy and rolled over and went back to sleep.

You're doing a good job, mama, and it'll get better one way or another! Good luck!
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