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Re: *Autumn gardening chat * Oct-Nov 2012

Originally Posted by sarahannecloud9 View Post
Speaking of such, a bell pepper has 2 thumb nail sized fruit!! I'm so excited. Ray said he will try and fit a green house into our plans. Soooo many plans. Wish I had a way and space for a grow room. The basement sound so nice. I need MORE room!
yea for baby peppers! i wish i had a good south-facing window that i could put stuff in front of, but our house is weird, and there really isn't one that gets good light. so leafy greens are really going to be my best bet i think. and yes, i LOVE my grow room. really, it's my basement/storage/laundry.....but it's fabulous. dh keeps talking about re-finishing the basement but i don't really want to. where would i put my seedlings?!?! he suggests the unheated garage..... obviously, he is not understanding the purpose of it.

sucks about the roly polys ugh. i guess i have to go find some de
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