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Re: Help me with girls names...PLEASE!!!

I like Lilah-we both agree on that. I don't care for Deborah as the middle name so my compromise is Lilah Grace Deborah Seguin. DH is not sold on it. I think he thinks him mother deserves a spot to herself as a middle name and by some how having my Grandma's name-which is also my middle name takes away from it.

My step MIL name is Jocelyn. If I even mentioned that DH would get very upset. I think he feels we need to be extra sensitive towards her mother and make sure she always feels VERY important when she comes because the children do not get to spend as much time with her obviously due to distance.....and I do go out of my way to make sure she feels important. I don't hate the women but I'm not a super fan either.

And for the record DH is actually a really amazing husband BUT when it comes to his mother she is VERY defensive....VERY.
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