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Re: Are we stuck in the 1950's???

Originally Posted by Terra View Post
Promise I'm not being snarky here...don't want to get into that aspect of the thread! Just truly curious because while I wouldn't do what you have done I realize everyone is different

Can you tell me why you 'had' too? Were you told you had too? And what would have happened if your husband had to wait 6 weeks? [think if it was vital medically or something?]

I give you props, being totally honest here, it would be divorce court for me if my DH said he couldn't have self control and wait 6 weeks.
I had to in the sense that life didnt stop because I had a baby. Yes my husband expects a lot of me and I do a lot for him. I am ashamed to to admit everything that I do for my husband because I would have less friends than I do now. He is in the military so we have gone more than 6 weeks due to seperation. He just refused to go 6 weeks without if I was there every night. If it came down to being medically impossible for me, then I would still do my best to meet his needs any way he requested. Yeah I stick out like a sore thumb in this thread .
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