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Preparing a sibling

So this will be child (daughter) number 2 for us. Our first daughter, Bella, will almost be 6 when this baby is born. She is super excited and wants to participate in all aspects of the baby, including the birth -lol.

My mother will be here when the baby comes and her only job is to be Bella's playmate (they have a close relationship). My MIL will come shortly after the baby arrives to help me. Crazy I know, but my mother is like having another child in the house and my MIL is like having a personal assistant who takes care of everything for you.

While Bella is excited, I'm realistic that going from being an only to a sibling won't be cakewalk I've had conversations with her about how she'll have to share mommy and daddy, but if she needs us alone she just has to tell us and we'll make arrangements. I explained that our love for her won't decrease that it just grows more to share with the baby. And I have a gift planned from her new baby sister, which will be a handmade baby doll and baby stroller. Which are things that are on her wishlist.

So the question for ya'll is what else I should do to make sure that my daughter continues to have a positive experience with the new baby and to minimize problems?
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