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Re: AIO/ Pocket with inner gussets

I'd love to see a tute, but I wouldn't ask you to do it just for me; I know they are a lot of work. lol. I've only done a few small turned/topstiched fitteds about 5 years ago. That was a pain b/c of the thick layers of the built-in soaker parts {I was sans serger at the time too}

Is it really cost effective you make your own diapers? I'd have to buy the PUL and sherpa/bamboo/whatever inners at JoAnns {drive an hour there and back - or order it}, altho' our Wmart has a few bolts of PUL now, but not the others. + snaps etc.
Or is it just that you can make them how you want them?
I make dresses for my 4.5yo granddaughter but it's not really cost effective - but I enjoy it and it's something different than what all the other kids have. lol. Are diapers the same pretty much?

Anyway, that diaper is soooo adorable! Makes me want to try it. I do have some of the free patterns that are out there...

Originally Posted by MyVeryBest View Post
If there is interest, can make a tute or something
Basically what you need to do:
after you cut your inner and stitch a strip of fabric to make modified welt pocket opening, do not finish it. Stop after you cut the opening. Then cut "a hole" in the inner. It will have the shape of your soaker (don't forget to add SA) The back of this "hole" is already cut - it is your pocket opening.
Then serge your soaker to that "hole" and finish your modified welt pocket opening.
First time you try, you may want to skip inner gusset part and do regular style diaper.
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