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Re: Basic Wednesday.....

Fynn demanded a story....he's usually happy with singing. So I read him the will you be my friend book but then he wanted to read it again.

...and then he wanted to run his fingers over the words but he went backwards.

Then he got angry when I said it was time to put the book away.

So I tried saying we'd put the book under his bed. Not good enough.
I tried putting it on the drawers at the foot of his bed. Not good enough
I tried putting it at the foot of his bed. Still not good enough.

At this point I gave up. Put the book on the drawers and walked out.

Screaming begins and he's in full panic mode now.
I got back in and he decides he'd like his normal routine of singing.

We sang....he said Night night and was back to normal.

I am Janine; mum to Shannon (10), Derry (8), Cameron (7), & Fynn (4)
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