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Re: Are we stuck in the 1950's???

Originally Posted by Urchin View Post
I really hope I am not coming accross in the way you're describing, Belle. I am just stating my personal feelings, but I am not looking down upon women who choose to do anything on the list at their own will. I'm just irritated with how men are so often portrayed as helpless and needy. I said before, we need to give them more credit!
But that is not at all what the blog you linked to is saying. Please, re-read:

This post is designed to really help you through that six week recovery period after you’ve had your new little baby. Especially if this is your first baby, the changes will come as a huge shock… especially the changes in your marital relationship. Some husbands graduate into fatherhood with ease but for the majority of new fathers there comes a wave of emotions. Such as: feeling ignored by their wife, the baby is getting all of your attention, you are exhausted all the time and aren’t interested in what’s going on with him, not to mention he thinks he’s going to have to go the full six weeks or more in a ‘dry spell’, and so on. They try to man up and be a support to you, but it can be a very difficult time for them.

It's saying Dads (esp NEW dads) can need help with their emotions during this already difficult time of transition. ( .... Lord knows I need help with it! And I'm the MOM!)

And then, here are some ways you *could* help them IF they are having a bit of trouble adjusting.

I am just not seeing how that is portraying them as needy or helpless. It's just saying they are real people with feelings who might feel left out and here are some things that could maybe help with that, some ideas to try.

I really don't see why so many people are shocked or even angry over this blog post.

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