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Re: Having a hard time with trying to keep my kids-kids

We are a fairly conservative family, and I really want my kids to get to be kids.

We have a TV, but the kids almost never watch it. I would say they average 1/2 hour of screen time per month. The ONLY thing that we allow them to watch without us prescreening it is VeggieTales. If we want to watch a movie with them, DH and I will watch it first by ourselves. DH wants to watch Brave this weekend to see if we can use it for movie night They never see commercials because we only watch DVDs.

We listen to Christian music, pretty much exclusively. My kids (the 4 year-old especially) love the heavier/more alternative Christian music, which is fine with me. My 4 year-old knows the pretty much all the words to most of the songs we hear regularly on the radio and in church (DH plays guitar for the worship team). I love hearing him sing. He doesn't know any inappropriate songs because he doesn't have a chance to hear them.

The kids don't play video games yet because I don't see a point. Maybe in a few years. But those will be screened as well.

We homeschool. For various reasons, but wanting my kids to stay innocent for as long as possible is on the list.

I personally believe that we live in a horrifying world, and I want my kids to enjoy being kids for as long as possible.
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