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Arawyn's Garden Crochet, Instock, Customs and YYMH SALE!!

Welcome to the Grand Re-opening of Arawyn's Garden I started knitting as a way to keep my hands busy after the loss of my baby girl. I knitted up through the birth of my youngest son but discovered crochet as a way to make thick, sturdy wool pants. Soon I had more yarn and crochet than I knew what to do with. That is how Arawyn's Garden began. While I enjoy creating with my hands my first job is always that of mom and teacher to my two sons. I was sorry to need to take a break but I am back now and ready to create again. My primary focus is wool shorties, longies and skirties but I also make hats and toys in almost any yarn I can get my hands on. I have quite the collection of yarn I need to get cleaned out of my house so I will be crocheting and posting plenty of toys and hats. If you don't see something you like feel free to check through my past work or contact me about a custom.


The house needs work so I'm having a sale on all in-stock items. Find new prices in the listing and feel free to make offers.


Blocks, three stacking blocks made in acrylic. The largest has a bell and the smallest has a squeaker. Shades of blue and brown. Larges measures 3x3, medium 2.5x2.5 and small 2x2 $12ppd $10ppd

Spring Pixie Stands 13 inches including her hat. Made of acrylic yarn with embroidered face, removable skirt made with organza ribbon and sewn on rose embellishment. $25ppd $20ppd

squish1 I sort of invented these little guys. They are baby safe, texturally fun, and simplistic. Buy several and juggle them, invent a game, or just cuddle them. This one is made out of angel hair yarn with white eyes. $8ppd $6ppd

Squish2 like squish1 but with antenna. Each of my boys has several of these in different types of yarn. They are stuffed rather full but if you would like customs in different yarn or different levels of "stuffing" just ask. $8ppd $6ppd

Squish3 similar to squish1 and 2 but with purple furry eyes. It is hard to see this ones eyes. $8ppd. $6ppd

octopod pandamonium Tiny fuzzy octopods. I love these little guys and they have been very popular when I do local shows. The blue and multis are made in fuzzy yarn the yellow are made in baby chenille. They are super soft to the touch and easy to love. They are about 1.5 inches tall and have a 3.5 inch tentacle span. $8ppd $6ppd

Rainbow Jellyfish I made it just because I wanted to. Is there a better reason? 5.5inches across sporting lots of fun tentacles. Made in acrylic yarn. $8ppd $6ppd

Quirky snail Acrylic and mix yarns his body is 4inches long and his shell is 3.5 inches tall. $8ppd $6ppd

Baby Bat made in acrylic yarn with a 6.5 inch wing span. $8ppd $6ppd

Little donut, I actually made a full food set but this is all that is left. I just thought it was cute. Made of wool 3inches across. $8ppd $6ppd

Wool Eel, this was another one I made just to make it. I just wanted to try something out. 10inches long. $10ppd $8ppd

Doll shorties. I made these to try out a new pattern I was toying with. They are acrylic and measure W9, R9, I1 I have no idea what kind of doll they will fit. I believe they fit my oldest son's CPK teenie tiny preemie doll but they don't even make those anymore. $6ppd $4ppd


I usually make hats for my family and friends. It is the most common gift request I receive. I have a couple to list right now but I am open to custom requests. Custom hats will run $20 for ear flap or embellished beanie hats for kids, $25 for ear flap or embellished beanie hats for adults. Labor intensive designs like Mohawk hats will cost $10 extra.

Monster hat, Adult or large child size. This is the size I wear and my boys also wear this size. Black arcylic with ears and large green eyes. $25ppd $20ppd

Bunny hat, the color is off in this picture, it is actually more of a grape purple acrylic yarn with black fun fur trim. This is another adult or large child size. $25ppd $20ppd

Toddler size simple bulky wool beanie. This is a super soft bulky wool yarn in toddler or small child size. The colors are pink, gold, navy and green. $10ppd $8ppd


I am hoping to have both instock and customs available for woolies. I am offering both YYMH and MYMH for customs. I do have wool on hand in both scraps for scrappy longies, shorties or skirties (and almost anything in between) or I can hit the yarn shop to pick up whatever is available to me locally. If I supply the yarn it will be more expensive than if you supply the yarn. I will also be working on getting stock together for instock woolies.

YYMH customs
Shorties NB-L $15ppd (up to 18inch waist)
Longies Nb-L $20ppd (up to 18inch waist 11inch inseam)
Skirty NB-L $20ppd (up to 18inch waist)

Extras: Ruffles=$5, Extra full skirty=$10, Extra Large=$5, Extra long=$5, Capri length=$5

Shorties: NB-SM $30ppd MD-LG $40ppd
Longies: NB-SM $40ppd MD-LG$50ppd
Skirties: NB-SM $45ppd MD-LG $55ppd


Custom dyed shorties I dyed this yarn myself. It is purple and teal with purple trim. The yarn is not super soft but it is bullet proof. W19, H21, R19, I4 $35ppd $30ppd

Longies, can't remember the yarn colorway as I purchased it a long time ago. I believe it was called waterfall or something similar. This yarn is far softer. W16, H18, R17, I9 $50ppd $40ppd

All items come from a smoke free, dog loving home. My dogs don't play with my yarn but pet hair can drift. I do not pre-lanolize my items as I not longer have a child in diapers. I strive to finish all customs in 2 weeks. Please check out my past work here
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