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Re: Having a hard time with trying to keep my kids-kids

Originally Posted by corinne76 View Post
Lol about the sexy lady thing. I was trying sooo hard to not let my daughter hear that song. But she picked it up at school anyway and sings "heeeey sux u lady." I did not want her to that word. I was avoiding explaining what sexy means.
I love hearing kids sing songs and use the wrong words! Cracks me up

We "shelter" our kids in terms of I stay home (they no longer attend MDO), they can only watch one channel (Sprout) and I choose their friends (which isn't hard since they aren't in school yet). My kids will probably attend public school (I LOVED going to school), but we definitely won't be the parents who invite every kid over for birthdays and play dates. I'm choosy about who my children form attachments with and I want them to know about responsibility, self control, respect, etc. things that are definitely lacking in the world today.
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