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Is this mean?

Ok. A lot times when the kids are crabby it's because they're not feeling well, or they've had a rough day, or w/e. During those times I try to be as understanding as I can be while not allowing bad behavior.
BUT sometimes my kids are crabby because they have a crummy attitude about something and are trying to "bully" us into getting their way. DH is a real softie and it's mostly when we're with him that they do this, but they bring out crabby behavior to try to get their way.

So, the other day DS was flipping out in the car. We had just picked up dinner and DH and I mentioned to each other maybe going to the park after we ate. DS heard and demanded we eat AT the park. We said "no, it's cold and this is kinda messy for the park.....". Well DS totally lost it. He had a big trantrum in the car for a good 5 mins +. DH and I were just trying to keep our sanity, and DH said we should have a pair of "grumpy pants", big baggy pants with crabby faces on over them with crabby sayings, and big enough to stick both kids in them if we need to. We both just CRACKED UP. A real sanity saver for the moment, which is why Im considering actually making a pair. HEHEE

Part of me thinks it's kinda mean to do to the kids. But we'd only do it on those times when they are just being crabby cause they have a sorry attitude. Curious to know whether DS mamas consider this a mean thing to do to their children?
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