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Re: help with turkey

you have to get pretty up close and personal with it.. but yummy turkey for days is so worth it! 1-take the giblets and neck out. 2- rinse the turkey inside and out and pat dry with paper towels inside and out. 3- coat inside with poultry seasoning 4-slice up a bunch of carrots, celery, onion (quartered), peel some garlic cloves and pack the turkey cavity until you cant possibly fit anything else. 5- put the pan on a cookie sheet 6-shake a couple of tablespoons of flour around in the bag, put in on the cookie sheet and layer all of the extra veggies in the bottom. 7- get your turkey in there all snug 8-cover turkey with butter and lots more poultry seasoning.. dont forget to get under the skin too! 8- tie up bag, make you slits and cook according to directions that come with the bag according to the weight of the turkey. 9- i always just check doneness by how "loose" the leg is. with a bad it would take A LOT to dry it out. 10- let rest about 20 mins and dive in

it really isnt hard.. just trying to be detailed. this method is seriously fool proof!

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