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Re: Do we or don't we....

Originally Posted by GodLover View Post
Find out the gender? We already have 3 kids (2 boys 1 girl) I don't really care either way but I'm not sure I want I wait to find out either....I love the idea of the surprise but Im not sure I can wait ahhhh
Moms who don't find out tell me why an how special ur surprise was.
Moms who have found out in the past like myself if you could do it again Or have done it again would you not find out?
I did NOT find out with my first 3 kids (all boys).

I DID find out with my 4th child (a girl!).

I LOVED BOTH WAYS!!! I don't even know what I would do if I had a 5th because both ways were sooo cool. I loved the surprise... that moment (for me) when they pull the baby out and start shouting, "IT's a _____!!!" and that moment when you think "no way!" even when you thought maybe it was that gender. It's just such a cool feeling. You grin from ear to ear because it's just sooo neat.

When I found out with #4 it was very anti-climatic. At first, I didn't like knowing the gender. Even though it was my first girl, I just didn't get excited for a few weeks (and I thought I would). But over time, I started getting more excited. I started sewing baby girl things, I felt more connected to the baby in utero too. I knew I could say "She" and was 80% sure it was right. The moment of birth was NOT as climatic with already knowing, but it was still special. Then I had a bunch of girl things waiting for her.

Sooo... personally, I loved both experiences. I lean more towards liking the surprise though, but if DH wanted to know again (he persuaded me with the 4th) I would probably give in.
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