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Re: REALLY need suggestions....feel like I'm losing the homeschooling battle :(

Have you considered that your daughter might be a right brain learner? RB learners can be misdiagnosed as ADD or ADHD. If she is RB then curriculum choice becomes a challenge b/c most curriculum is designed for left brained learners. Which obviously doesn't work well for for the RBL. It's like putting gasoline in a diesel engine expecting it to work b/c it's fuel.

This is an article that gives some ideas as to RB characteristics.

I struggled with my daughter until I realized she was a RB learner (visual & kinesthetic). I then tailored curriculum and learning experiences toward her learning style and what a difference. Now my daughter is only 5, so it's obviously different. But once I tailored her education to her style it went from a challenge to excitement for both of us.

So, food for thought
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