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Re: Having a hard time with trying to keep my kids-kids

It is hard, even if you homeschool (and we don't). My reaction is not to shelter excessively, although I do screen media carefully. DS1 is allowed to do only approved games on the computer and on my smartphone. At school he has heard some things that I'd rather he hadn't, but nothing really horrible. He came home from soccer camp singing "I'm sexy and I know it" so we had a talk (he was not in trouble) about what that means. I asked him if he knew and he said no. When I told him that 'sexy' means 'girls think you are cute and they want to kiss you' he was totally grossed out :lol: So now he doesn't sing the 'hey sexy lady' part of Gangnam style, but he has seen the video and can do the dance. And it's great exercise. :P Anyway, you can't keep absolutely everything from them--but you can draw lines on the important things. We don't have cable, so if he's watching something it's on Netflix and I okayed it, plus there are no commercials. Advertising is one way that some really objectionable stuff can get in, not the least of which is commercialism. I do check his web browser history and I have only once found something I didn't approve. Most importantly, keep talking. If you openly communicate and discuss with kids, especially things that make you uncomfortable, they will learn they can always come talk to you. That's a good lesson to learn.
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