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Originally Posted by corinne76
Does anyone else get really sleepy when they go low or no carb? Idk what to do. There seems to be no little carbs with me. Especially if i eat bread, i will eat carbs all day long. I think I'm going to add fruit back in because protein powder just doesn't go well with, well nothing else. Mine is pea protein and unflavored and i just cant stomach it with just water
I know the feeling. I am all or nothing w bread and sugars. I've been low no carb since we started and I had my first apple yesterday. (I've cheated a little but this was the first thought out thing) I was really worried I would attack bread. I think it's a very personal thing on how someone tolerates carbs.
For me, a 2 week flu happens and then I'm good. Now I'm trying for 30-40 carbs per day. Why? Because paleomom says it may be why my wt loss has stalled.
Kindles have this cool text to speech that reads the book to you. Wheat Belly, Paleo Solution and South Beach are all great at nailing down a persons optimal carb mix.
Idk... I can't eat them and not feel like crap, so I take the good w the bad.
Low carb may not be your answer. I took wheat out first and it helped some but th 2w carb flu just sucks either way.
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