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Re: Having a hard time with trying to keep my kids-kids

At least they aren't going around singing, "beez in the trap" like my friend's three year old daughter was in a video on facebook. Seriously, it was gross. But I get it. I totally do. Fortunately, because I homeschool we've avoided a lot of that. Well, my middle dd goes to a private school now but there are only 15 kids in her class (two grades) and she doesn't come home with much that I would be worried about. We do a lot of activities outside of the home, but I am always around so if they see or hear something innapropriate we can talk about it. Honestly it's probably just going to get harder as they grow older. And they can ask for anything they want; doesn't mean they need it or should get it. You know the song, "I want a hippopatamus for Christmas?" Well, do you think she really got it?
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