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Re: Happy Thanksgiving B2B's!

Morning. As far as Thanksgiving goes, the spin on it is that when the pilgrims came over they had a hard time as far as knowing what supplies for food to have to keep them alive and fed over the winter, and their new Native American "friends" helped them out and showed them the ropes. They then shared a meal to say thank you or something of the sort. Feel free to correct me. The friends is in quotes because we probably killed off or drove away our friends very quickly after that.
I am a little more positive about this weekend now, amazing what a few hours alone and being able to sit in a comfortable chair will do for a gal. After a week of kitchen chairs or bed being my only option.
I totally spaced packing so I have to do that this morning, and bake a pie for SIL. And do chores, and clean up the house in case people stop by.
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