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Re: S/O do you buy for more than just your own family for Christmas?

We decided a few years ago when we were really getting our budget in line, that we would only buy for family, immediate and extended, and even then only our little family and our siblings, parents, and nieces and nephews. DH's side is a little bigger, so we draw names rather than buy for everyone, but my side is just my parents, my sister and her husband and my neice, and they're not planning on any more kids, so we buy for all of them.

It's hard because we do still get together with my extended family, my aunts uncles and cousins (all grandparents are deceased save one, and she was step and has disowned most of us). Up until last year my aunts and uncles still bought us stuff on the one side, and I couldn't help but feel bad, but considering if I bought for all my aunts and uncles and cousins that would add about 30 people to the buy list, I simply can't do it. I also feel bad because despite protests, some of my close friends still buy for me and my kids, and I can't afford that either.

The only thing that's kept me sane is keeping consistant. If everyone knows that you only buy certain people, then they can either not buy for your family, or buy for them and not expect reciprocation. It's that simple.
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