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Re: Time is creeping up

Originally Posted by KatieG-Lux View Post
I don't think the anxiety ever goes away. I'm expecting my first any minute, except it's twins. Talk about freaking out about money! I just put the big ticket items on the registry and was happy with whatever we got and then anything else was given to us or I'm good with picking up at yard sales and nice 2nd hand stores.

I figure they are not going to use these things for very long, they aren't absolutely essential to the well-being of the babies and are not worth $150-$200 a piece.

And then when I get really anxious, I just try to breath and freak out on my boyfriend a little about our spending (that doesn't always help) then think of all the $$ I'm saving with cloth diapers, food co-ops and breastfeeding.

Good luck and just remember to breath. Another helpful thought...women have been raising families MUCH larger than mine with A LOT less or NO money at all for hundreds of years and even in modern society; so there is no reason we can't do it on a budget.

HAHA! That's how I feel too.
The clothes I have now for her are donated from friends. We're going to be getting baby furniture from friends. My registries are basically just diapers and small items, since I know we're getting my only big ticket (stroller/carseat duo) for Christmas.
My boyfriend and I grew up with little money and manage. I think it's actually a blessing because it helps you with budgeting and getting creative!

Congrats on the twins!
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