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New cashmere girlie longies/capris-5ppd!

New Cashmere creme longies w/lambswool strawberries 5ppd. These are super soft and stretchy. They are on the thinner side, so would only work for daywear. They would work well as longies for a baby wearing small, or on a larger child as capris b/c cashmere has a lot of stretch.

W: 16-19.5, R: 17.5, I: 8

M/L Purple and creme stripe cashmere longies. Medium thickness, great for daywear or possibly night. SOLD

W: 16.5-20, R: 18 unrolled, I: 9.5 M/L Purple and creme turtleneck cashmere leggingsSOLD

W: 15-22.5, R: 20 rolled, I: 9

M/L Lavender cashmere longies w/turtleneck waist. Medium weight, great for daywear and possibly night. SOLD

W:15-24, R: 19 rolled, I: 9.5

M Blue cashmere w/ navy track pant. Thick, but still soft, great for day or night. SOLD

W: 15.5-20, R: 17.5, I: 8.5

M/L Creme cashmere leggings w/pink wool hearts and rolled waist. On the thinner side, good for daywear. SOLD

W:16-19.5, R: 18, I: 10

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