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Originally Posted by KatieB621
Thanks mamas! DD seems to now be comming down with it too. Luckily, dr. sent me home with an Rx for her if we needed it. Filling it today in hopes that we'll be able to be around family tomorrow. DS still sounds awful, but temps are finally going down....some.

Question: What is the best book for natural family planning? I considered doing this after DS, but never did. Anyone here ever try it? Obviously I'm not thinking of trying it now since we're NTNP, but after another little one is born I might give it a try and would like to read up on it. I don't know anything about temps and such for ovulation. I just started taking detailed notes about AF and logging them into my My Days App in case I need to call the gyn back in a few months. She thinks I might have some endometriosis issues. :/
I don't know if it is the best but I like Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Lots of mamas like it. I'm glad your DS is better. Hopefully everyone will be healthy soon!

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