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Mothers please get involved in this very important issue about HPV vaccines

Because My daughter has had 3 drug reactions from the gardasil vaccine and I am a Nurse, I feel it my duty to notify the public of what I have learned. I also feel it my duty to plead with the CDC Nurses and Doctors to demand better policy around fast tracked vaccines that are not fully tested.

Although in most people gardasil is well tolerated. Adverse events (unwanted outcomes) were reported during clinical trials as reported by Dr. Diane Harper (I recommend you research this physician and her recommendations in dealing with this vaccine since she is responsible for getting this drug fast tracked, she is an expert on HPV and cervical cancer.)

Adverse events that were reported in clinical trials included death. Diane Harper also states death is a risk of the HPV vaccines. She states the HPV vaccines do cause autoimmune disorders in a small number of people.

The number of people, including children, suffering from autoimmune disorders and autoimmune initiated neurological disorders will not be fully realized for years as the information that patients are developing these diseases from a drug reaction to Gardasil is being suppressed in many ways at this time within the health care system. I know that because I am living it right now. The way my daughter and I have been treated so far with in the health care system has been abusive in my opinion which is only one of the reasons I am so passionate about creating awareness about this problem. I do not want another mother or another nurse or another patient or another doctor to go through what we have gone through since my daughter's first Gardasil Inoculation on December 29, 2011.

I plead with the CDC~
to change their hand out as recommended by Diane Harper.

The CDC hand out should also include:
Gardasil efficacy rate including that in girls, HPV 18 antibodies decline after 3 years and all antibodies are gone after 5 years. (parents and patients should know this information when deciding risk vs benefit)

The CDC hand out should include
Gardasil only lasts for 2.5 years in boys. this is important for the patient and parent to know when making a decision of risk vs benefit.

If the patient does not have sex before the immunity wears off they will have received Gardasil for no benefit.

The CDC hand out should also include:
Definition of hypersensitivity in simple terms specially focusing on the fact that symptoms of a drug reaction not only occur immediately as in allergy (type 1) but can be delayed (type 2-4). In fact drug reaction from Gardasil may not show symptoms for 10-65 days after inocualtion due to the time it takes for the immune system antibodies and or cells to cause disease ie. autoimmune disease and autoimmune initiated neurological disease and death.

I plead with nurses~
If there are any symptoms of autoimmune or neurological disorders that arise after the Gardasil vaccine please document it. Document the number of days since inoculation of Gardasil and alert the physician that this should be reported to the VAERS reporting system. Because this vaccine was fast tracked it has not been fully tested and we are in fact finding out now what adverse events can occur.

I plead with nurses~
advocate for your patients by requesting policy and procedure in your office for possible drug reaction from a fast tracked vaccine. There are more fast tracked vaccines that will be coming on the market soon. This technology is not going anywhere and we need to protect our patients from harm. We, as a medical community need to do everything we can to avoid drug reactions from vaccines that are not fully tested. Drug reactions that can potentially cause a life time of illness in an otherwise healthy individual, and even more probably in an individual who already has immune disease ie. eczema, IBS, psoriasis, juvenile diabetes, urticaria, or any other autoimmune or neurological disorder.

I plead with nurses~
If a parent or a patient has a concern about a possible drug reaction to the Gardasil Vaccine please remind the patient and/or mother that there is a VAERS reporting system and that symptoms can be reported. Immediately give the patient/parent the insert that comes along with the drug that has more information on it which is not included in the CDC hand out. Explain to your patient how to use the VAERS reporting system to view the current symptom of interest and reports to VAERS.

I plead with nurses~
Understand the MERK package insert states if a pt has a hypersensitivity reaction to Gardasil they should not be vaccinated again. I would like to say that differently because I feel this is an understatement. If a patient is having a drug reaction to Gardasil you could very well cause death to your patient by inoculating them again.

I plead with nurses~
Remember the first and for most in any nurses mind is always do no harm. That is why we are so darn nervous in nursing school, because we know that harm can occur to patients if we are not well educated. If you are a nurse giving the Gardasil vaccine you need to be educating yourself about this vaccine before you inadvertently cause harm to a patient.

I plead with doctors~
Please Please Please do not get so worried about benchmarking how many of your patients the CDC want you to have inoculated with the Gardasil Vaccine. PLEASE view your patient as an individual who deserves individualized care. Gardasil has serious risks involved. Basic ethics states benefit should out weigh risk for any drug.

I plead with doctors~
Know what you are doing with this vaccine, don't just take the CDCs word for it. do your own research on Gardasil, talk to your patient and/or patients guardian about this vaccine and consider the RISKS as well as the BENEFITS. If you inoculate too early, you may very well be putting your pediatric patient at risk for NO benefit. I am sure everyone would agree that is not good medicine.

I plead with doctors~
Do not loose sight of the patient while trying to develop herd immunity. to do that would require 70% of the population to be inoculated with the vaccine only if the vaccine lasted at least 15 years as stated by Diane Harper.

My daughter has been harmed because none of the above was done. My daughter was ignored and information was hidden from me, her mother. Result = poor outcome. My daughter has an autoimmune disorder that has no cure, there is no treatment that has been helpful so will be a year Dec 29th since her first Gardasil inoculation. My daughter has had symptoms of hives, weals, joint pain, nausea, headaches, muscle pain, fatigue angiodema and the list goes on. She keeps a journal.
Mothers, Nurses, Physicians please learn from my very very costly mistake. Do your research. Please be careful with this brand new vaccine which has the potential to cause REAL harm.
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