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Re: Happy Thanksgiving B2B's!

Morning mamas. We had a rough night. Rosie came down the stairs right before I was about to go to bed covered in vomit. I think it was just a reaction to tourist food and not an actual illness, as she had no other symptoms. But it means T-day dinner will be at dinnertime instead of lunch or mid-afternoon which kind of throws a monkey wrench in things. But like Jess said, I am lucky it is just the five of us this year, especially since the kids are not big into the foods that are typically associated with T-day dinner.

Love your dinner setup Janine. I wish we were having duck, LOL. And homemade pies.

Boo on bad work dreams Mel. Did I ever tell the story, when I used to work at a restaurant training store, how I regularly ran shifts in my sleep? And would talk about it in my sleep? And DH would have fun and talk back to me, and one day told me that my dishwasher quit and no food delivery was coming that day?

Saw the pix on FB, Jess and thought, wow, that looks like my house. Can't wait to see it with the new furniture.

I am contemplating going to Meijers today. There's not really anything I need, and the BF (other than the iPod deals) are not stellar, but I may just need to get out of the house today. DH opened a new Wii game we had bought for Xmas last year, but decided to hold off on due to the quantity of extended family gifts, so they are all glued to that right now.
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