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Re: The 25lb Challenge November thread

Originally Posted by munchkinflame13 View Post
Fell on my face running yesterday. It sucked. Badly. Now my knees all scraped up, but not as swollen as it was yesterday. It sucked so bad. But mostly my fault. I took my kids to the soccer park so they could play while my mom and I ran the perimeter (its fenced) and instead of playing, they screamed because I wouldn't hold their hands and walk. Last time I try to do C25k with them. Hope I can walk a few miles holding their hands today then be up to working out at the Y again tomorrow.

Back down to 136.8 today. Pushing the water and not cheating until dinner then pushing the water after, too.
Hope you are okay. I am pushing water too. I am going to be careful today with food. I am at 144.0 today. Literally, an ounce away from my next goal. I cannot cheat now, no way.
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