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Originally Posted by Sarah-B

It is crazy that the pedi would say this. I would straight up ask them
"isnt breastmilk the most nutritious thing for my baby?"
And they would say yes (unless they lie and say formula is better)
"than why are you asking me to switch to something (formula) less nutritious?!"

CONGRATS ON 6 months good job mama!!
She straight up told me at DD's first appointment that "formula is just like breastmilk." Since then, she has given me 3 cans of formula and 3 of the ready-made bottles. She has also given me at least 2 new reasons at each appointment for why DD needs to be on formula instead of BM.

I should have run at the first appointment, but we were having some problems with insurance, so I stuck with her since I knew she was covered. This appointment was the last straw for me. A pat on the head and a "good job!" would have been preferable to a guilt trip, lol.
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