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Re: Afraid of BLW

I never wanted to do BLW. I was going to feed purees... on a strict introduction schedule. (Same thing I did with DS). BUT DD had issues. She gagged on purees. She had a high palate and swallowing purees was very hard for her. The result was lots of choking and gagging. Strangely, She did very well with soft food, crackers, etc. She would pick it up and it was easier for her to swallow. She STOPPED choking and gagging once I stopped purees and gave her real food. I gave up "my plan" and started doing what she needed. Knowing a little about BLW from DS, gave me more confidence to just give up the purees completely and do what was best for her.
I also took her to a feeding clinic. They were super nice. They had us try different things. For example DD could do the squeeze tubes of apple sauce because it was more like drinking. They thought it was great that I followed her cues and switched to something that worked for her.
Anyway I just thought I'd put my 2 cents in. Food doesn't have to be scary!
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