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Carseat off-gassing/toxicity info?

Around 4.5 yrs ago when I was researching infant seats I remember coming across a site that rated car seats based on the chemicals they off-gas (fire retardants/etc). Does anybody know what I'm talking about that can point me in the right direction? I'm MUCH more chemically sensitive now than I was back then so I'm trying to save myself some literal and figurative headaches (...not to mention what all the crazy chemicals do to a new little squishy. Ack!)

We're looking at getting a new infant seat (something compact because I need to be able to fit 3 across in the back of a Toyota Camry along with 2 RF Radians). Based on previous suggestions I've gotten here, my short list of possible matches included the Keyfit, Cybex Aton, Maxi Cosi Mico and maybe something Coccoro? I was looking at the Keyfit reviews on Amazon and the most helpful critical one (and many comments to it) talked about the chemical smell coming from the seat. SOOO glad I read that before ordering one on a BF sale!
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