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Re: Carseat off-gassing/toxicity info?

Yeah...I just figured out that the Coccoro is a convertible I really love being able to take our newbies in and out of the car in their just pretend like I know what I'm talking about (and strike that one from my possible list).

I just found That was not the site I was looking at 4 years ago but they do have some ratings and I guess ALL the Keyfits aren't terrible (wish the amazon reviewers would specify the colors they had problems with).

Can you tell me about the fastening mechanisms on the Cybex Aton? (Does it puzzle or just snap in?) I love our old infant seat (Graco Safeseat, IIRC) and how it latches. Also love the ease of the Radian chest latches. If the Cybex Aton, Keyfit, or Maxi Cosi Mico have easy latching, that will automatically bump them up on my list. (And if I hurry up and buy something, it can outgas in the garage for a few months before the new baby arrives)
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