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Originally Posted by MyGlorylife
First off. I have seen a lot of pg test and that was NOT an evap. Most likely if u test again and get another neg then u prolly caught a very early mc. U still had enough hormone to trigger but its declining. Kwim? Hugs mama
Ya I don't think it was an evap. I took the pic right after the minute it showed up. I took the next one randomly in the day (forgot to hold it since I pee a lot) and it was very faint, but showed up right away as well. I need to get more of the cheap ones, even if its to confirm a mc. I thought a mc was cramping, a lot of blood, clots, etc. When I try to look online, it mainly talks about heavy bleeding and pain. The craziness of this is that i havent had cramps aside from an hour the first day. I get the same cramps in early pregnancy tho. I usually cramp miserably for at least two days. It gets so bad that i have to sit in the bath and dont eat all day from the pain. The lack of PMS for me was the real red flag for me. I guess im just stumped because I literally have never had random spotting or bright red bleeding. Also, it's weird to see some stretchy CM. it wasn't a lot but I've never seen it before or during my periods. I'll test again in the mornin on the tests that have a dropper. I kinda think I left the other ones in the cup of pee too long. Can you tell I don't ever do this?! Lol I thought I had an ovary problem when I found out at the gyno about my son and I only thought to test with my daughter because of insane heartburn. This is the only other time I have had a weird feeling about it all, so I think I need some confirmation either way!

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