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Re: BF'ing 1 and EP'ing for a 2nd?

Originally Posted by Sarah-B View Post
Oh it is definitely possible. I would work on getting your DD to nurse on the other side to. Switching sides stimulates different sides of their brain. If you're pumping on the other side after your daughter eats then basically you Are already pumping enough for two babies. That is if you pumped as frequently as she nurses.
Sounds like you're eating perfect and that fenugreek Will help.

That is very nice of you to consider doing this. My DD is 4.5 months and our cousin is 1.5 months SIL was not able to produce milk(basically cuz she didn't even try) and I offered to do this for her daughter but she said now and is feeding her formula.

Congrats on your daughter and your nephew and happy pumping and breast-feeding!! You can do it!!

Thanks I really am trying and I have already given her about 100 oz of milk that was in the freezer so now I am working on making sure he doesn't run out before I can get him more. My brother is willing to buy all I need to be able to feed his little one, so that is a great help as well. Im sorry to hear about your SIL, No disrespect but she sounds a little ignorant if she wasnt willing to try and BF her child didn't want the help either. There are so many mommas who would give anything to be able to BF.
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