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Does anyone use this pump? I have been pumping like crazy since ds was born last Saturday. I used the Medela Symphony until leaving the hospital yesterday afternoon. I used the Ameda Ultra Purely Yours here at the house. I have been barely getting 5 Mls per session.

I have a manual Avent Isis that I used to use occasionally. I got that back out out of desperation. I have had better luck with that and actually got 20 Mls with it. I think it is the silicon petals. I don't think I let down with the other 2 pumps for some reason. I am seriously considering getting the electric double Isis. I can also get Medela free from the NICU for use while he is there. But, how does that compare to the Symphony? The most I ever got out of the Symphony at a session was 8 Mls. Should I try the Lactina or just go with the Isis?

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