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Infant Chest Cold

My 8 month old dd, who just got over a fever a week ago, has some really bad chest congestion right. We are doing steaming showers, vaporizer w/eucalyptus, and baby ches rub. The congestion is only in hr chest. I've tried pulling mucus from her nose but I get nothing, and when I look, her nasal passages are clear. We are having a really rough night. She cannot stay asleep, wakes fully up every few minutes, and is just miserable. I did disturb my pediatrician's holiday to call his answering service. He told me what to listen/look for as warning signs of something serious. She is still able to breathe through her nose and doesn't sound funny, etc. Her breathing and coughs just sound very wet. No fever or any other symptoms at all.

My concerns are: It's only Thursday (okay, Friday) and the dr's office of course isn't open until Monday. How long do I let the sleeplesness and congestion go on before I need to see someone? Should I be more worried or less worried that it is concentrated in the chest? Any similar experiences?

Secondly, I'm half convinced that I'm the one that did this to her. My husband was sick last week with a fever and congestion. He came down with it on Sunday, I think. I had a friend I hadn't seen in 20 years fly down the following weekend (this last weekend). Because my husband had lingering congestion and there's not enough space in my home, I opted to take the baby out instead of leave her at her grandparents. So she was pretty actie for 3 days in a row. We are normally the stay at home type but I wanted my friend (her Godmother btw) and my dd to spend time together. We didn't paint the town but we hit a restaurant one day, the park another, and then the airport. I know that isn't a flurry of activity but it's more than my dd is used to and with my husband getting over his cold, and her fever ending only a few days prior, I think I should have known better. Now she's miserable and I feel guilty, worried and helpless.
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