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Pre-E warning signs?

I wanted some opinions to see if I should start being concerned. I am 34 weeks and up until this point perfectly healthy.

At my appointment on Wednesday my BP was 118/70. No swelling or protein in my urine. My BP up until Wednesday was generally 105/60 or lower throughout the pregnancy. I was rushing to the midwife appointment due to being late and I chalked my BP rise up to the stress of rushing.

The last two days I've noticed mild swelling in my hands and feet. I can still get my wedding ring on and off but its uncomfortable. I do not have pitting edema. As an aside I've spent the last two days largely on my feet preparing thanksgiving dinner.

And last but not least I've gained 3.5 lbs in the last 3 days. I also have been eating lots of yummy and high fat holiday foods.

Should I be concerned that I am creeping towards Pre-E or do these all sound like normal 34 week symptoms? I was hoping some people that have experienced Pre-E or those that are knowledgeable could give me their two cents.

I am going to check my BP at work today but I doubt it will be great because my job is very stressful and I always read higher when I am there.

And I am planning to check with my midwife but she is out of town and I'd rather not bother the back up person, especially since she doesn't know me. I am also hesitant to sound like as much of a worrier but at this point I'd be devastated to risk out of a home birth. I also don't want to "plant" ideas that I am high risk and start the process of that happening because I am a worrier and got my provider nervous.

I am also going to try eating a bunch of eggs and several bananas to see if that will help. Since their is anecdotal evidence of protein helping...
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