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Re: Infant Chest Cold

((hugs)). Can you google intercostal breathing videos? That helped me in deciding whether or not to take my son into the ER/Urgent Cares because of his congestion. He was a RAD baby and his attacks always seemed to fall on weekends (and when he'd get colds. grrr)! With him, I knew it was time to go in somewhere when he was breathing he'd suck in around his ribs. It can be hard to tell on a chunky baby (which he was), but usually when I laid him down I could see some pull and that coupled with my mommy gut; was usually right. A lot of times they'd give us neubulizers and deep suction him along with prescriptions. Other times, they'd deep suction him if he wasn't able to loosen it and get it up himself then just give him breathing treatments there.

Is baby girl coughing up stuff on her own?

Something the nurses taught me was pounding firmly on their back, going from the bottom upto the top. Pound, pound, pound. I would do it frequently and esp. after sitting in the steamy bathroom with him.

I imagine baby girl sleeps much better propped up, yes? Will she sleep on you in a recliner? Everyone would tell me to put a rolled up towel under the crib, but it never worked because he would slide down!

It's a hard call to make, I know! If you decide to go in, just know you are not the only mother to take their baby to the urgent care because of concern. As for the guilt... I, personally, do not think you did anything. And go easy on yourself... you will do MUCH worse things you can feel guilty about later! haha. Don't let this be one of them. I know it's hard to see baby girl so miserable though. Lord, we pray for your healing of this sweet child and for Mama to have the guidance to know what to do!
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