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Re: BF'ing 1 and EP'ing for a 2nd?

I agree. It's totally possible, especially if you are already pumping one full side at each feeding. I've nursed 2 sets of twins and I assigned each baby a side. So, each side was producing enough for 1 baby at each feeding, making each breast produce a full day's worth of milk for one baby. In theory, you are already doing that with the pump. I would switch your child back and forth with the pump though because babies do better than a pump. If I were you, I'd add a pumping session or 2 if you can. Make sure you are pumping to empty and pumping for at least 2-5 minutes past the milk flow. Also, if you pump the side baby just nursed from a few minutes after she is done, it will encourage your breasts to produce more.

Fenugreek works best when taken with Blessed Thistle. You need to take enough to smell like maple syrup, usually at least 3 pills 3x a day. I take 5 right now.

Look at to see how much milk baby should be taking per feeding. A common thing that happens with bottle feed babies (even with BM) is they overeat because they are given too much milk per feeding. Then, mom/donor thinks they aren't producing enough when in reality, the baby is overeating. Babies only need about 1oz per hr. They often have a need to suck beyond the amount of milk they need making it seem like they need more milk. So, using a paci or having mom BF as much as she can even if no milk is coming would be great to help with that. Look on It will tell you how much to feed and help with this.

This is awesome of you!! I've donated in the past and it was a wonderful feeling. Good luck!
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