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Re: Induce at 34 weeks?

I had 2 sets of twins. One at 35wk and the other at 36wks. Everyone was just fine. My 35wk'ers came home with me 2 days later. Both were jaundice, one was worse than the other and both had billi blankets at home. The 36wk'ers, one came home 2 days later and the other was in the NICU for 11 days. Again, both were jaundice. Some babies need the NICU before 37wks and some don't. Most 34wk'ers will need some NICU time. Around 50% of 35wk'ers will and most 36wk'ers don't need NICU time, but some do (as you see, one of mine did). The NICU was one of the hardest things I've ever done. But, everyone is just fine. I'm sure your baby will be too. Carry baby as long as you safely can, but trust that baby will be fine when you have to deliver.
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