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Re: Anyone not do santa?

We don't do santa. At first everyone in our families were pretty shocked, and some of them VERY upset, when we told them. Everyone got used to the idea, and while my grandma still brings it up sometimes, everyone has realized that we're not going to do something because it's important to THEM. Luckily everyone eventually accepted it. If we had someone in the family try to give our kids gifts from santa I would honestly be flaming livid. Maybe unreasonably upset over it. But I would absolutely not allow someone to talk to my kids about him being real and giving them gifts from him.

We talk to the kids about traditions, and how everyone has different traditions, and you can start traditions etc, and how some families choose to pretend santa is real with their kids. Im going to have to have a talk with my kids again this year because we might be visiting family in Canada, where one house might be "visited by santa" on christmas eve, so I want to clarify with my kids so they're not confused or so my 3.5 yo doesn't "spill the beans"
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