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Re: Anyone not do santa?

We don't do Santa. I don't have any advice since DD is only 6.5mo, but we will focus on family and community (volunteering, giving to Toys for Tots, etc.) I know this will start a war, but I think it is ridiculous to run around creating evidence that Santa is real, only for them to find out in 8-10 years that it's all a lie. Not for me, thanks.

I am adamant about making sure that they don't tell other kids that what they believe is wrong or a lie. Like KaleidoscopeEyes, we are atheists and plan to just tell our children that some people choose to believe in God and that it is their prerogative. They will be respectful toward everyone regardless of whether they believe in a giant egg-laying bunny, a fat guy with flying reindeer and superhuman time-traveling powers, or an invisible and all-knowing man in the sky. That's part of our general parenting philosophy and not specifically taught during the holidays.
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