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Ive had 3 34 weekers. . .the biggest thing is feeding. You will probably have to pump and feed a bottle to baby till he/she would have been full term-due. I made the sucessfull breastfeeding transfer from bottle with all 4 of my premies (one was 32 weeks). If they let you, getting to 36 would be ideal, lot higher chanc of no NICU stay. When my watrr boke at 31 weeks my job was to eat, burn no extra calories myself to "fatten baby" (it worked he was 5lbs 2oz at 32 weeks gestation, pretty big for 8 weeks early!) . . . Only 1 of my premies had breathing difficulty. He was on cpap for 4 days I think? All in all, your not looking at a long NICU stay. Just till baby can keep up his/her body temp, feed from bottle or breast and gain weight. Its frustrating sometimes bc they do expect more from premies then full term babies (rate they gain weight, how much they eat, ect) but, its all worth it once baby is home. 2 of my premies went hone at 4ish days old, but it is a lot more work then a full term baby. But so worth it.
If you have specific questions Id be happy to answer anything I can.

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