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Re: Chat Thread ~ Nov 18th-24th

Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt View Post
So I'm going for a 4D u/s tomorrow, and then we're going to take the kids to see Santa and go to the night lite up Holiday parade since we'll already be in the city Now we need to decide how to tell our families, the kids won't be able to keep the secret for long
Have fun! Get some pics to share!!

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
Thinking of you!! My US place doesn't allow anyone under 15, but every place is different
That stinks.

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
hope I get those this time DD never did any of that. She'd punch my hips and sometimes kick my ribs, but she stayed in the same head down position the whole time, I'm pretty sure.

that's why I'm getting a little worried that this baby is breech. My babies don't seem to move. Maybe it's the shape of my uterus or my long torso.

I'm getting more frequent movements now - yay! but at 20 weeks, I think this is about the same as what I ever really got with DD until the end.

If I ever started doing kick counts, it would usually take almost the whole 2 hours to get the allotted number. but hiccups every day I love baby hiccups.
I kwym about the worries. DS2 was breech at 28 weeks (had an u/s because of increased fluid) and some part of me just knew that he was going to stay that way. I think he flipped a few times between then and getting wedged, but when he got stuck, he was breech.
your baby will turn and stick head down in there! You've checked out spinningbabies, eh?

for the movements! We're not at kick counts yet - I think they recommend 24 weeks to start?

AFM: had the u/s, starting a thread
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