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Re: Coach-abilty

What is "coach-ability?"

I feel mean because I feel this is a golden opportunity. Perhaps a little heartbreak will make her try harder, be more precise and attempt to be more coachable next time around.
There used to be a term used for this sort of thing that you are talking about here. It's called character building. It seems to be a thing many people today seem to have forgotten, in this day and age of everyone gets a trophy and gold stars are handed out for everything.

It is not mean to "want" your kid to fail so that they can learn from it. It would be mean to ENJOY your children's failure, but I don't think there's anyone here that enjoys watching their kid fail. But wanting a failure for the opportunity to learn that the failure provides? That's not mean...that's parenting, IMO. So many people today want their kids to completely avoid as much failure as they possibly can. What they miss out on when everyone is bending over backwards to avoid failure is the learning opportunities that failure can provide. To paraphrase a quote from a book I read 'making mistakes is essential to winning.' Failure isn't fun, and it doesn't feel good, so it makes sense that no one likes to feel good so they don't want their kids to fail and not feel good. But just cause it doesn't feel good, that doesn't make failure bad. Sometimes failing is EXACTLY what our kids need.
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