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Re: Anyone not do santa?

Originally Posted by crunch!910 View Post
We do not do Santa. Or the Easter Bunny. Or Tooth Fairy. Or.. whatever. Not that we have a ban on those things in this house. We still watch movies such as the Polar Express and other christmas movies. It is just a matter of we do not teach that those things are REAL and exist. The kids can, however, pretend and play. Much like my son can get the plastic extension from the sweeper and call it a "sword", or pretend a stick is a gun, or pretend there are fish in a bowl of water, or use nothing but a string to "fish" in the bathtub.

We are Christian and try to celebrate the Holidays in our own way. Such as thanksgiving, I refuse to tell my boys the fake story. Even though it has a very ugly history behind it, how so many native americans were slaughtered, I'll use that history lesson to teach my boys to be opened minded, kind, and thankful. Turn a bad thing into a good thing.

Originally Posted by Leah52 View Post
We don't do Santa or baby Jesus, just a tree and a few gifts from us. We do stockings just because I think they are fun, it's all from me though. Both my husband and I were raised in families that didn't do Christmas at all so we just pick and choose what we want to do.
Same here.
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