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Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange

that's why I'm getting a little worried that this baby is breech. My babies don't seem to move. Maybe it's the shape of my uterus or my long torso.
I thought something like 40% of babies are breech at 20 weeks? DS's ob clinic said baby's position at 20 weeks had no bearing on how he'd end up. Is that not true?

Originally Posted by KelseyH

Are you "supposed" to always do kick counts? My Dr. said that I never really needed to do them unless something was wrong or there was something out of the ordinary - lots of cramps, more BH ctx than normal, spotting, anything like that. I never did regular kick counts.
My last OB clinic did not have us count kicks. They said to make sure I had movement throughout the day, but that was it. Granted (as you can tell from my question/comment above) I dont have complete faith in that clinic anymore.
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