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I am so sorry for everyone's losses. I would like to say thank you for putting this out there, though. I agree, it shouldn't be so taboo. I have not ever experienced m/c at this point and I pray I never will. I had a post-particular hemorrhage at home a week after having DS that was similar to what you guys are describing. Thankfully it happened when DH was home so he drove me to the ER. At home, I passed a clot larger than my hand and fingers together and a second one slightly smaller. I truly thought I was going to bleed to death b/c we live 40 minutes from the hospital. Sadly, I ended up having two more (less severe) hemorrhages before they did the D&C and removed a large fibroid (which we had known about all along). I, too, had retained placenta plus the large fibroid. to have the D&C or not is a very personal decision but given my experiences with bleeding and a D&C, I found the D&C to be a cakewalk compared to the trauma of blending so severely, hurting like I did and being so terrified. (And by no means does a D&C not have risks too...this was just my experience.) Anyway, i wish someone had old me how bad hemorrhage can be and that you can still be okay. Again, I truly thought i was dying that night. Furthermore, I was scared that if I survived, the only way to do so would be to have an emergency hysterectomy - no what i wanted at all. This was discussed but after being admitted to the hospital and medicated, I was assured it was under control. Big hugs, mamas. I hope we all get BFPs very soon and have complication-free babies.
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