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Originally Posted by Geckmumto3
To me, this might be the crux. Is it possible for a kid to enjoy something, be passionate about it, but not be coachable? Because, at the young age of nine, she loves her activities. But, she has never been a coachable kid (in all areas, not just sports/arts). It is, of course, possible (even likely) that she will find some passion that will click and suddenly she will be the most coachable kid ever.

This is totally a philosophical discussion DH and I have been batting around for a while here as we watch our three kids and their different approaches to academics and extra-curriculars.

That was my point earlier. I am still passionate about music, would love to play in a community symphony again someday. But.... Even with private lessons, I didn't focus on it like I should have. That didn't lessen how much I enjoyed it or how much I wanted to excel in it. But I can't explain why I just blew off practice, etc. it was just my personality.

When I got older, I was a bit jealous of people who had more drive to perfection, but it still didn't change me.

Now? I don't know, I might have reached an age of patience and maturity where I could force myself to focus more on things like that.

Does she have horrible handwriting? Lol - it seems related to me.
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