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While there are plenty of instances that require advanced medical care with a pregnancy, please don't discount the fact that you could do it without that. I don't want to discount any experiences, because you should be prepared for anything like that to happen, but as a general rule, our bodies are made to do this. It is as natural as breastfeeding. I have had 3 babies completely naturally and had no complications thus far. Again, I don't say that to minimalize what *could* happen. But with my personal experience, I know that it can be done without doctors and hospitals. We are very blessed/lucky to live in a time/place when we can do things naturally or have medical care, whichever we personally need. Do the research, talk to anyone you can about it, and get whatever type of care works best for you. Its good to hear the "worst case scenario", but its also good to know that worst case scenario isn't the "norm". I would say if you are so inclined, get a midwife with a good, solid backup plan so that you are covered for the "normal"delivery, but still have good options if things don't go as planned. The "not as planned" may cost you money if that ends up happening, but your life and your baby's life would be worth it if it came to that. And statistically it wouldn't come to that. But preparing for all possibilities is very important.
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